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Ancient forest


9 day journey

13th of May 2023 - 21th of March 2023

Ancient Forest DROPPIng

Ready to expand your comfort zone? Get dropped into the primeval forests of Poland. Survive & find your way back to civilisation.

Dropped by 4x4 vehicles

5-day wilderness trekking

Navigation through the forest

Quality basic needs

Ending in luxury & wellness

No cell phones


Bieszczady, Poland

Activity Level (1-5)

Level 3 (medium)


Koen De Leeuw (NL)

Local Fauna & Flora Guide (ENG)

For who

Everyone who can walk 10 km




Day 1

On Saturday, we fly to Kraków, where we take time to explore the city, eat and drink.

A pleasant first evening that sets the mood for what follows.

Day 2

After a relaxed arrival, we will take you back in time today. We visit an open-air museum about the lifestyle during the 19th century. And also a museum that tells the story of Poland's fauna and flora. The knowledge we gain here will greatly enrich our adventure. If you are not a quizzer, you can ask the local guide for trivia later.

Day 3

The unforgettable adventure starts with a 2-hour ride off-road, through fields, through forests and through the river. You will get a sense of your surroundings and get a good wake-up call on an adventure.

Once dropped, we are on our own. Together with our Belgian survival guide and local fauna and flora guide, we brave nature. The days are filled with hiking but there is always room for other experiences: exploring the environment, making camp, survival lessons, enjoying the surroundings, swimming in the wild river.

Day 4 - 5 - 6

The adventure consists of navigating through the primeval forest. In addition to the wilderness routes, there will be plenty of time to experience and explore the surroundings or engage in survival activities.
Breakfast by the campfire, making fire without a lighter, filtering water, sleeping under canvas, survival lessons, fauna & flora lessons, vistas, idyllic trails ...


Day 7

On the last expedition day, we say goodbye to our camping habits. We hike our last kilometres back to civilisation. Now it's time for a good shower and pampering with food and drinks. The hotel is also equipped with sauna, jacuzzi, ... Something to look forward to during the adventure.

Day 8

After a blissful night's sleep, we enjoy our sumptuous breakfast. Today, we take a cruise on Lake Solina, visit some more fun places nearby. But most of all, we talk about our experience of food, drink and good company. This day is also free to take more time in the wellness. In the evening, we end the day with a festive meal. Burgundian Polish cuisine is a warm experience after five days of effort.

* Specific dietary requirements are possible throughout the trip (restrictions, allergies, intolerances)

Day 9

Flight back home.


the Story

In the middle of Poland's primeval forests, we are dropped off in 4x4 vehicles. Off the beaten track, in the untouched wilderness there is no one or nothing to be seen. With only our basic supplies, we have to make our way back to civilisation. To successfully complete the wilderness trek, it is important to learn to navigate as a team and use nature to your advantage.

Learn to expand your comfort zone and take on this challenge. Learn to cook on a fire, make a shelter, sleep under a tarp.... Everything to make a wilderness immersion as enjoyable as possible. Learn to enjoy the basics to create a life full of fulfilment and happiness.

Practical info


13th of May 2023 - 21th of May 2023


€ 1575


What's included​

  • Briefing & assistance with preparation

  • Professional guidance from Belgian guide

  • Professional guidance from local nature guide

  • Accomodation:

    • All accomodations are inclusive.
    • Hotel on 13,14,19,20/05

    • Overnight stays in tent and sail on 15,16,17,18/05

  • Food and water:

    • Food is included only before the drop and after the trek

    • Festive meal on 20/05

    • Breackfast after every hotel stay

  • Transport

    • Airport transfers

    • Transfer to residence & musea

    • Transport for trip Solina

  • Dropping with 4x4 offroad vehicles

  • 5-days wilderness trekking

  • Survival sessions and workshops during the experience

  • Cooking equipment

  • Safety equipment:

    • Trauma first aid

    • Satellite connection

    • Bivy bag

Not included

  • Cancellation insurance

  • Flights (€150 - €200 from Belgium)​

  • Travel (annulation) insurance

  • Medical insurance

  • Personal backpack

    • Air Mattress

    • Sleeping bag

    • Light outdoor clothing with long sleeves

  • ​Extra drinks in the hotel

  • Food and drink during the adventure. Expedition food: Freeze-dried, fresh, energy bars, ... (You can buy this at €75/week)

  • Personal first-aid kit


During the preparation of this expedition, we will go over the equipment that you will need. This is how we make sure you are comfortable during our Poland expedition.

Renting gear

Ask us about renting options:

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sleeping pad

  • Backpack

  • ...


Safety is our number one priority. On this expedition, we work together with our Get Out There guides and local guides. The experts with whom we work together have the necessary experience as mountain-, survival-, outdoor-, and wilderness guide. They are also Wilderness First Responders, in order to keep medical assistance close by.

The local guide is fluent in English and will be able to teach us about the cultural aspects of the adventure. This way we can share knowledge and experience.



We ask every participant to prove that they have insurance that extends to the full period of the travel experience. In Belgium, we can suggest Allianz or KBF for this.
Get in touch with your insurance to make sure all the activities you will experience are covered. We are happy to help you with finding an insurance with the right coverage.


Why the Primeval forest

A primeval forest is a forest that has remained untouched for centuries. In the primeval forests of Bieszczady, we find trees between 200 and 300 years old.


This environment allows us to completely withdraw from everyday life. It lets us discover what our living environment used to look like and how we can use it to gain new energy.


How physically challenging is this adventure

Being in good health and being able to walk 10 kilometres is enough to take part in this adventure.

Knowledge and experience

No prior knowledge or experience is required. We will teach you everything you need to know on this trip.

We help you with packing your backpack in our webinar breefing.

What to do in case of emergency

We carry a satellite communication device that allows us to get in touch with local emergency services. If necessary, help can be provided within 2 hours.

The guide is certified in Wilderness First Aid.

What about bears and wild animals

We are together with our local guide who knows the area very well. When going on adventure with large groups the challenge is about finding wildlife, not avoiding it.

In the forest you can find signs of bears, wolves, and many other animals. These are very shy and carefull animals that are not attracted to human activity.


During the adventure, we pass rivers and lakes where we can cleanse ourselves by taking a dip.

Toilet facilities

There are no sanitary facilities during the drop. But we are happy to teach you how to make pleasant use of nature.

During the adventure, we pass rivers and lakes where we can clean ourselves by taking a dip.

How do we sleep?

During the adventure, we will sleep in tents or under our tarp.
We make use of a bivi-bag, this is a raincover for our sleeping bag. 

mosquito protection

To combat small insects, we provide repellent and a mosquito net.

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