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Pushing boundaries
in adventure

ABOUT Get Out There


We want to inspire people to get out there and give them a world of new possibilities in adventure.


Organizing high quality outdoor adventures with impact on your life.


Get Out There is committed to sustaining the character and integrity of each place we visit - its nature, environment, culture, and heritage. By learning our clients about all these aspects, we strive towards an everlasting impact on their perception of how adventure travel should be approached.

We only work together with gear & travel partners that also focus on sustainability.

We pull people out of their comfort zone by taking them on unique life-changing adventures.

Meet the team

Koen De Leeuw - Get Out There.jpg

Koen De Leeuw

Founder & Guide

As our founder, Koen has the wonderful job of creating connection between cultures and talking about it to everyone who will listen. Within the team, he makes sure we design the perfect experiences that are mapped out to the smallest detail.


Willem debel


All-round adventurer and bad-ass expedition guide.


Marte de leeuw

Web Developer

Whilst her main job may comprise of sitting behind a keyboard all day, this enthusiast social butterfly makes sure to take every chance she gets to go outside. Either for a walk with her dog, a training run for an upcoming (half-) marathon or a weekend trip to 'de Ardennen'. 

Frederik Wuyts

Frederik Wuyts


Archaeologist, wilderness guide & gravedigger, ...

Many monikers for a normal guy that refuses to be an Average Joe. Combining family responsibilities with a dayjob but always in for an adventure big or small. Lover of all things wild and connoisseur of nature and it's secrets...


Marlies Sterck

Expedition Planner

A creative and organisational talent in charge of creating the most amazing expeditions for you. As a lover of the outdoors, nature and adventurous travel, she fits like a glove on the Get Out There hand, so to speak. 


"And at the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling."

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