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Pushing boundaries
in adventure

ABOUT Get Out There


We want to inspire people to get out there and give them a world of new possibilities in adventure.


Organizing high quality outdoor adventures with impact on your life.


Get Out There is committed to sustaining the character and integrity of each place we visit - its nature, environment, culture, and heritage. By learning our clients about all these aspects, we strive towards an everlasting impact on their perception of how adventure travel should be approached.

We only work together with gear & travel partners that also focus on sustainability.

We pull people out of their comfort zone by taking them on unique life-changing adventures.

The origin


Founded January 2022 

But the idea and the experience was already there.


My adventures start with letting my choices in life not be determind by the norm. This made me explore different professions such as: electrician, paracommando, bio-engineer. But in all honesty, most of my time after the age of 18 was spend planning and experiencing the world beyond our borders. Always trying to explore life to the fullest together with, or supported by, amazing friends and family.

In 2011 I experienced intensive outdoor adventure in the military. It immediatly inpired me to get out there and explore life. Friends and others soon followed. Together we explored nature from Antarctica to Arctic Lapland. From Africa to Asia. Often taking deep dives in expeditions and challenges that push ourselves.


The idea of Get Out There started. What if we can make sensational adventure more accesible. What if we can inspire people to get out there on these life-changing adventures. To expand your comfort zone, to show people what is out there and share this together. More than 10 years of experience taught me important lessons in adventure. But most of it comes down to this: how to make it challenging, yet comfortable for the client.

All over the world we come into contact with people who have less financial resources. With their creative solutions to problems that no longer exist for the Western world. With entrepreneurship and altruism in dark places. But above all we come into contact with warmth, helpfulness, pride, compassion ... . Because of all these experiences with local communities, we find it extremely important to create opportunities for them as well. We therefore consciously choose to work with local partners where we can make a difference.

At the end of this journey, it's finally official. Since 2022 we have had the great job of creating connections between cultures and talking about this with anyone who will listen.



Meet the team

Koen De Leeuw - Get Out There.jpg

Koen De Leeuw

Founder & Guide

I have the wonderful job of creating connection between cultures and talking about it to everyone who will listen. Within the team, I make sure we design the perfect experiences that are mapped out to the smallest detail.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-23 at 12.07.10.jpeg

Landry Appels

Operations & Guide

Dreamer of a "Kon-Tiki"-like expedition and lookout over all operations in Get Out There.

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