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Team building

Tailor made team building experiences

Ready to build your team's next adventure?

We build better teams by bringing the learnings and training techniques from our expeditions to your workplace.

Everyone has the potential to be a great leader and team player. The fun, positive, and thoughtful atmosphere our team buildings cultivate allows participants to step outside their comfort zone.

We offer a tailor made immersive team building experience where you can learn critical survival techniques and skills that can be brought back to the workplace.

We design a program with team building activities and workshops that fit the needs of your team:

  • Bond and decompress in the water with our mini packraft expedition, or experience an intensive team management challenge during our navigation game.

  • Empower yourself with our cold water Wim Hof workshop, or learn to move natural with our Ido Portal workshop. Dive into wellbeing with our insights on keeping up your energy levels by cooking the right food, or learn to have more hours of sleep during our sleep cycle workshop.

  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed after your workday with our dopamine detox workshop.


After a Get Out There team building, participants will feel inspired and energized.

Discover a few of our team building activities below, and contact us for a full overview of our activities.

Some of our team building experiences

Wim Hof team building workshop Belgium

Wim Hof

Discover THE POWER OF THE COLD. In this workshop, learn how to control your mind through the 'Wim Hof Method'.

Food Revolution workshop

Food revolution

Avoid the afternoon crash and create stable energy levels during your day.

Team building bootcamp workshop HIIT Belgium

HIIT Expedition bootcamp

A high energized activity where we search for the fittest person.

Spoon carving teambuilding activity Get Out There

Carve your own spoon

A great workshop to learn how you can eat soup in the best way possible.

Breathing technique workshop Belgium


At the end of the workshop, you can hold your breath for at least 2 minutes.

Packrafting team building activity Belgium

Mini packraft expedition

A short hike followed by an adventurous way to explore our rivers.

Ido Portal workshop team building belgium

Ido Portal

Moving naturally with IDO Portal. A Joyful and interactive workout.

Fire starting workshop

Playing with fire

A necessary skill to survive in the wild and to impress your friends during your next camping trip.

Get Out There navigation game teambuilding

Navigation game

Find your way around the forest in search for helpful items along the way.

Sleep Cycle workshop belgium

Sleep cycle

Energized all day long. Great work starts with a great night of sleep.

Survival & Teambuilding experience by Get Out There

Survival & Bushcraft

Learning the necessary skills to survive in the woods. 
Fire steel, flint or just by friction, there are no limits.


Axe throwing teambuilding Get Out There

Axe throwing

Catching trees will be easy after this activity.


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