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4th of February 2024 - 11th of February 2024

Arctic Expedition - Lapland

Do you dream about participating in concepts like "Running Wild with Bear Grylls"? Then this expedition will be your cup of tea! During this adventure you will have to find your way back from the desolate wilderness towards civilization!

Explore the raw beauty of Swedish Lapland during wintertime. Travel through untouched snowfields, learn new skills to be able to travel and navigate through the landscape, and sleep in self-made snow shelters while enjoying the northern lights.

We won’t only show you how you can survive in the arctic circle, our guide will make sure that you understand and get skilled in all these arctic survival techniques.

You will be dropped in the middle of the wild nature at an unknown location. As part of the escape the wild series, you will need to find your way out towards civilization. "Improvise, adapt & overcome"

In order to move across the snowfields, we will need to work together. We sleep in self-made snow shelters, we will start our fire with basic tools and will be melting snow for drinking and eating.

To find our way back to the inhabited world, we will teach you how to navigate using only a compass. If all goes well, we will make progress day by day. First without snowshoes, then with snowshoes, and finally, we will feel the efficiency of the skis.

Before and after our Arctic Expedition we will have all the comfort we need in our cabin and hotel stay. Sauna included, we are in Sweden after all ...

Before we embark on this journey, we make sure to give you all the tools and knowledge to get you ready to Get Out There.


Sweden, Lapland

Activity Level (1-5)

Level 4 (Hard)


Koen De Leeuw

Training course

Preparation starts 8 weeks in advance of the expedition.



Lapland helicopter dropping

Lapland helicopter dropping

Lapland helicopter dropping

Lapland helicopter dropping

Northern lights in the forest

Northern lights in the forest

Enjoy your hand made fireplace with snow chairs

Enjoy your hand made fireplace with snow chairs

Taste the local fish crackers

Taste the local fish crackers

Learn about diverse sleeping options

Learn about diverse sleeping options

arctic expedition briefing

arctic expedition briefing

Make your own snow shoes

Make your own snow shoes

Sunset lapland

Sunset lapland

Winter cabin hotel

Winter cabin hotel

Create your own pine tea

Create your own pine tea

Snowscooters in the forest

Snowscooters in the forest

Hotel spa in the snow

Hotel spa in the snow

Snowscooter trip

Snowscooter trip



Trip overview

Day 1

Arrival at the airport in Lulea is followed by a 2,5 hour drive in our private van. To really get into the wild we drive towards Jokkmok, a remote and charming village.

Last preparations for the expedition will be done at our hotel.

Day 2

Today we start the experience with the magic helicopter dropping. This way you will troughly understand the vastness of the Arctic wilderness. By now, you are supposed to be ready, because the expedition starts!

Day 3 - 6

We find our way back to civilization by navigating through the forest, snowfields and across frozen lakes. During this journey, you will learn all new techniques from our guide. You will build your own snow cave to sleep in, create a comfortable fire pit with snow chairs, learn about fire starting in the arctic without lighters, brew arctic pine tea, and so much more.


We are droped withouth snowshoes and build up from there. Let's hope we manage to get by.

The navigation is done by compass. And if you are able to manage this, there will be upgrade's allong the way wich give us the needed improvements. Snowshoe's and possibly even ski's for the last day.

Experiencing the wilderness during a thrilling and raw outdoor experience while being able to navigate and survive here on your own is the essence of this once-in-a-lifetime Arctic expedition experience.

Day 7

Arrival at the edge of civilization, where there will be a big relief and lot's of food. Enjoy the comforts of civilization.

We finish our experience with a luxurious diner in our hotel.


Day 8

Flight home


Starts 3 months before the expedition

  • Analysis, briefing, gear overview, first lessons in survival

  • Gear checkup, group training, follow-up lesson in survival

  • Comfort in the cold, group training, last rehearsals​​

The expedition:

  • Local travel logistics are included in the price and are arranged by Get Out There

    • Airport transport in Lapland, husky sleddog tour, helicopter dropping.​

  • Food and water are included

  • One day of on-site training and snowshoe preparation

  • Helicopter dropping followed by 4 days of escape the wild

  • One rest day with sauna and luxury dining.​

Practical info


4th of February 2024 - 11th of February 2024


€ 4.500,00


What's included​

Professional guidance​

  • International wilderness guide with extended local knowledge

  • Get Out There Guide providing connection between the group, nature and yourself. With knowledge of expeditions to all corners of the earth.

  • From preparation untill the experience, we will be by your side.


  • Briefing

  • Material checkup & orders

  • Mental training

  • Physical analysis & training

  • 4 days of preparation

  • 6 to 8 open training sesions

The Expedition

  • Survival challenge in the real Arctic wilderness

  • Tips and tricks on how to survive in this pristine environment.

  • Sleep in selfmade snow shelters.

  • An idyllic stay with welness

  • Helicopter dropping

  • Local hotel & transportation

  • Food & water (+snacks)

  • Possibility of experiencing the Northers lights in this unique setting


  • Expedition sleeping bag

  • Bivouac bag (Raincoat for your sleeping bag, one per person)

  • Expedition insulated air mattress

  • Expedition down jacket

  • Safety gear:

    • Trauma EHBO

    • Satellite connection

  • Survival materials

  • Snowshoe's

  • Snow shovel

  • Backcountry ski set

Not included

  • Flight towards Lulea

  • Travel (annulation) insurance

  • Medical insurance

  • Personal backpack

  • Winter clothing:

    • Thermal base layers

    • Warm socks

Optional costs

Extra food and drinks outside the team activities in the hotel before and after the expedition.


During the preparation of this expedition, we will go through the equipment that you will need together. This is how we make sure you will be safe during our expedition.

Physical fitness

Being in good health and being able to walk 20 kilometers is sufficient to participate in this adventure.

Knowledge and experience

No prior knowledge or experience in winter touring is required. We will teach you all you need to know during this trip.


Safety is our number one priority. On this expedition, we work together with our Get Out There guides. The experts with whom we work together have the necessary experience as mountain-, survival-, outdoor-, and wilderness guide. They are also Wilderness First Responders, in order to keep medical assistance close by.


We ask every participant to prove that they have insurance that extends to the full period of the travel experience. In Belgium, we can suggest Allianz or KBF for this.
Get in touch with your insurance to make sure all the activities you will experience are covered. We are happy to help you with finding an insurance with the right coverage.

Renting gear

Ask us about renting options.

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