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11 day journey

18 November 2023 - 28 November 2023  (GUARANTEED)

Himalaya Expedition - Ruby Valley

Explore the world's highest mountain range via our newely opened route. An adventure in magical mountains, through forest and jungle back to civilisation.

The Himalayan expedition starts with a helicopter dropping at 4.000 meters. (13.200 feet)

You will be dropped in the middle of the wild at an unknown location on top of a mountain. You will need to find your way out towards civilization.

In order to move across the mountains and through the jungle, we will need to work together. We will escape oxygen deprivation, we will sleep in self-made shelters, we will start our fire with basic tools, and we will be purifying water for drinking and eating.

To find our way out through the mountains and the jungle, we will teach you how to navigate and safely move through this majestic environment. Once we reach destination X we can escape back to civilization.

Before and after our Himalayan expedition we will have all the comfort we need in our luxury hotel with a restaurant, wellness and astonishing views.

Before we embark on this journey, we make sure to give you all the tools and knowledge to get you ready to Get Out There:

  • Altitude chamber analysis and training plan

  • Material knowledge

  • Get-together with expedition members prior to the trip

  • Personal contact for all your questions


Ruby Valley, Nepal

Activity Level (1-5)

Level 3 (Intermediate)


Koen De Leeuw (NL)

Binod (ENG)

Training course

Physical analysis

Personalised training schedule







































Trip overview

Day 1

We land in Kathmandu and relax in our comfortable accommodation. We take a tour through the city and get to know each other during dinner. 

Day 2

Together with a guide we dive into the history of Kathmandu and the Nepalese culture while enjoying the local cuisine along the way.
Last preparations for the expedition will be done at our hotel.

Day 3-5

In the morning, we are blown away by Nepal's most beautiful helicopter flight. We fly through the gigantic massifs and beautiful mountains of the Himalayas. Thus, we traverse the mountain range up to Ruby valley.

Once in Ruby valley, we are left on an idyllic mountain. At the very back of the valley, at +/- 4,000 metres. Now it's up to the group to find the inhabited world again. 

The first stage consists of steep slopes, jungle, a mountain river, ... but above all, no civilisation, no trails. Adventure pure and simple. Imagine a forest that has never been cut down, never been changed by man, ... we go on an adventure in a real primeval forest.

Day 5-8

On day 5, we arrive at a very remote local village at the back of the valley. From here follows a 4-day solid and challenging trek up to the first motorised roads. This cultural exploration on trails takes place among the locals. We thus get a very intense taste of Nepali culture.

We squeeze the last kilometres out of our legs before returning to luxury. Because we finish in style. 4x4 all-terrain vehicles are waiting for us to drive smoothly through the last few kilometres of rough terrain.
In the evening, we finish in Pokhara, where we can celebrate our escape.

Day 9

In Pokhara, we find a unique abode, accessible only by boat. The perfect location to unwind. From this luxury stay, there are plenty of activities and ways to explore the city. Or a day hanging out by the pool is also possible.

Day 10

On the last day, we fly back to Kathmandu on a domestic flight. This will put us back in the capital in 30 minutes. Here we finish with a sumptuous dinner in the evening to wind down.

Day 11

We say goodbye to Nepal and fly back home.


Himalaya expedition

Practical info


18 November 2023 - 28 November 2023


€ 4700


What's included​


  • Briefing & preparation

  • Height analysis and personal workout plan

The experience

  • Survival sessions and workshops during the experience

  • 5-day wilderness trekking 

  • Wellness in Kathmandu


  • Professional guidance from Belgian guide

  • Professional guidance from local Berbers


  • All accomodations are inclusive.

  • Hotel on day 1, 2, 8, 9 & 10

  • Tent stay on day 3 & 4

  • Farm stay on day 5, 6 & 7

Food and water

  • 3 meals a day are included.

  • Diner on day 1, 2, 8 & 9

  • Festive meal on day 10

  • Lunch on day 2, 8 & 9

  • Breackfast after every hotel stay

  • All the nescesary food during the adventure: Breackfast, lunch, diner.

  • Specific food requirements are possible during the entire stay in Nepal.


  • Airport transfers

  • Helicopter dropping

  • Tranfers to the hotel and other planed activitys


  • Safety equipment:

    • Trauma first aid

    • Satellite connection

  • Survival materials

    • ​GoreTex​ Bivi bag for your sleeping bag

    • Tarp

    • Water filters

Not included

  • Flights (€1000 - €1500 from Belgium)

    • We land in Kathmandu

  • Travel (annulation) insurance

  • Medical insurance

  • Personal backpack

    • Air Mattress

    • Sleeping bag

    • Outdoor clothing & shoes

  • ​Extra drinks in the hotel

  • Extra activities on day 9

  • Personal first-aid kit


During the preparation of this expedition, we will go through the equipment that you will need together. This is how we make sure you will be safe during our Himalaya expedition.

Renting gear

Ask us about renting options:

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sleeping pad

  • Backpack

  • ...


Safety is our number one priority. On this expedition, we work together with our Get Out There guides and local guides. The experts with whom we work together have the necessary experience as mountain-, survival-, outdoor-, and wilderness guide. They are also Wilderness First Responders, in order to keep medical assistance close by.


The local guides are fluent in English and will be able to teach us about the cultural aspects of the adventure.



We ask every participant to prove that they have insurance that extends to the full period of the travel experience. In Belgium, we can suggest Allianz or KBF for this.
Get in touch with your insurance to make sure all the activities you will experience are covered. We are happy to help you with finding an insurance with the right coverage.

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