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9 day journey

 20th of January 2024 - 28th of January 2024


Explore the Sahara in a magical and adventurous way. Get dropped and immerse yourself in the nomadic culture of the Berbers.

Dropped by 4x4 vehicles

Surviving for 24 hours

Luxury, culture and tranquillity.

Navigation through the desert

Living with the nomadic berbers

No cell phones


Marrakech, Morocco

Activity Level (1-5)

Level 2 (medium)


Koen De Leeuw (NL)
Mostapha (ENG)

For who

Everyone who can walk 10 km


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Day 1

- Flights will arrive at 11 am the latest.
Upon our arrival at Marrakech airport, we transf
er immediatly towards the dessert. This is a 9 hour drive to the real Saharah desert, Sadly enough, the true wildernis is not next to Marakesh. Along the way we will get a first taste of Morocco and the wonderfully friendly berbers. At the end of the first day we arrive at our desert camp.


One day of travelling and our adventure can begin!

Different dietary requirements aren't a problem in Morocco. (vegetarian and vegan options are available during our trip)

Day 2

At the idyllic desert camp we get treated by authentic nomadic berbers. The day starts with a solid Moroccan breackfast, which we will need later.​

After the last backpack checkup, everybody is ready and we step into the 4x4 jeep to be droped of. An idyllic offroad drive takes us to the middle of nowhere in the dessert. Now it is up to the group to survive.

Safety dromedaris will follow with berber and safety water.

At the end of the day, you will feel completely lost in the desert. Although, we need to keep it safe! So, our guide will always be with you. This way, you decide how much you lean on the guide's knowledge to find your way out of the desert.


Day 3 - 4 - 5

We navigate through the desert in search of the nomadic Berbers. Once we found them, they will take us on a cultural journey through the desert. Everyone gets the unique chance to learn about their nomadic lifestyle. How they bake bread, set up camp, use the environment for navigation and much more.

We will folow the rhythm of the desert. The heat and cold, the shade, the dromedaris, ...

Day 6

The desert expedition comes to an end when we reach civilization. 

In order to addapt to modern life fluently, we will stay one more night just outside the city. This way we already get the coca-cola but also still get a quiet night sleep.

Day 7 - 8

Now that we ar fully relaxed we finish the travels in a strong manner. We go for an authentic hammam experience, this way we cleanse ourselves of the desert sand. We folow our local mountain berber whilst he shows his home, the Altlas mountains. Enjoying a glass of wine, taking in the environment, finishing the experience with comfort.

Day 9

After our last Moroccan breakfast, we transfer back to the Marrakech airport and fly back home.


the Story

During a trek through the Sahara Desert, our jeeps are stolen and we are forced to test our survival skills. Fortunately, the local Berbers quickly save us and together we undertake an adventurous trek across the Sahara towards a beautiful green oasis, the source of life in the desert.

During the immersion in nomadic culture, we will experience the true beauty of the desert, learn about the culture of the Berbers and enjoy the disconnection from society.

Practical info


 20th of January 2024 - 28th of January 2024


€ 1575


What's included​

Professional guidance

  • Professional guidance from Belgian guide

  • Professional guidance from local Berbers


  • Briefing & assistance with preparation

The journey

  • Accomodation:

    • All accomodations are inclusive.
    • Hotel/ Kasbah on day 1,6,7,8

    • Tent stay on day 3,4,5

    • Survival on day 2

  • Food and water:

    • Diner on 1,3,4,5,6,7,8

    • Festive meal on 8

    • Breackfast after every hotel stay

    • All the nescesary food during the desert experience: Breackfast, lunch, diner.

    • Specific food requirements are possible during the entire stay in Morroco.

  • Transport

    • Airport transfers

    • Transfer to the desert, and back to the city

    • Tranfers to the hotel and other planed activitys

  • Survival challenge in the real desert

  • Survival sessions and workshops during the experience

  • 5 days of living together with the berbers

  • An idyllic stay in the desert


  • Survival equipment

  • Safety equipment:

    • Trauma first aid

    • Satellite connection

Not included

  • Flights (€150 - €300 from Belgium)

    • We land in Marrakesh​ before 11 am

    • We leave for Belgium after 11 am

  • Travel (annulation) insurance

  • Medical insurance

  • Personal backpack

    • Air Mattress

    • Sleeping bag

    • Light outdoor clothing with long sleeves

  • ​Extra drinks in the hotel

  • Personal first-aid kit

Optional costs

Extra food and drinks outside the team activities in the hotel before and after the expedition.


During the preparation of this expedition, we will go over the equipment that you will need. This is how we make sure you are comfortable during our Moroccan desert expedition.

Renting gear

Ask us about renting options:

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sleeping pad

  • Backpack

  • ...


Safety is our number one priority. On this expedition, we work together with our Get Out There guides and local Berber guides. The experts with whom we work together have the necessary experience as mountain-, survival-, outdoor-, and wilderness guide. They are also Wilderness First Responders, in order to keep medical assistance close by.


The local Berber guide is fluent in English and will be able to teach us about the cultural aspects of the adventure. This way we can share knowledge and experience.



We ask every participant to prove that they have insurance that extends to the full period of the travel experience. In Belgium, we can suggest Allianz or KBF for this.
Get in touch with your insurance to make sure all the activities you will experience are covered. We are happy to help you with finding an insurance with the right coverage.


Why the Sahara

During our adventures in the Morrocan desert there is one prevalent characteristic. The solidarity of the berber culture and the tranquility they radiate.

The nomadic life combined with the provoking power of nature pulls you out of your day tot day. We are fully submerged in the moment and learn again to enjoy the little tings in life. We feel what life is all about.

This makes the Saharah the perfect setting to create a unique and magic story. A story that energiszes and conects the groep. Going home with memories and unforgetable experiences.


How physically challenging is this adventure

Being in good health and being able to walk 10 kilometers is sufficient to participate in this adventure.

Knowledge and experience

No prior knowledge or experience is required. We will teach you everything you need to know on this trip.

What to do in case of emergency

The nearest hospital is a 2,5h drive or 250 kilometers from the desert. It is Sidi Hsain Hospital Nasir. In case of an emergency we can contact the resque helicopter as well.

We will continuesly be able to reach the highway with offroad vehicles. These vehicles are always closeby. Since we are in a giant sandbox, the riscs we can encounter are limited, well known and monitored.


Food & water safety

Food will be fully coocked or baked before eating. The food in the Morrocan culture is always coocked or washed very well.


During the adventure we have enough water to clean ourselves. Not a shower but a little bucket will have to do.

Toilet situation

During the dropping there will be no sanitary installations.

How do we sleep?

There are tents provided in wich you can sleep with 2, 3 or 4 people. Morrocan matrasses are provided, but we recomend that you take an air matrass for hiking with you. This way you will have all the comfort you need in the desert.

Sun & mosquito protection

At least 2 times a day we will remind everyone to protect themselves with suncream. You are also obligated to wear long sleeved clothing, a sunhat or cloth. This is how the locals deal with the sun.

Small insects do not realy create an issue since they need water to live. Just in case they do cross our path we provide repellant spray.

How to deal with the sand

The sand can get realy warm. So we wear our shoes during the hottest parts of the day. 

Keeping the sand out of your clothes is relatively easy. But you have to be okay with imperfection. Because you will never get all the sand out of your shoes for example.

There are carpets in the tent to aid you in sand-management.

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