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Packraft expedition Kyrgyzstan

14 day journey

Date: 17th of August 2024 - 31st of August 2024

Packraft expedition Kyrgyzstan

Get in touch with the amazing people, culture and landscape of this unique location.

Dropped by 4x4 vehicles

Outdoor living

Ending with luxury & tranquillity

Navigate the river

Living in yurts and tarp

No cell phones


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Activity Level (1-5)

Level 3 (medium)


Landry Appels (NL)
Local guide (ENG)

For who

Everyone who can walk 20 km



Day 1

Fly to Bishkek on Saturday evening. Arrive Sunday morning.

Explore the city, gather delicious snacks and toast together with locals for our upcoming adventure. 

Day 2

Today, we leave the comfort of the city behind.

We venture into the mountains with a 4x4 vehicle and a local guide. Tonight, we stay in a traditional local yurt by lake Soň-Köl, getting a taste of the unique nomadic culture.

Day 3

The journey continues to the caravanserai of Tash Rabat. This 15th century roadside inn, surrounded by the Tian Shan mountains, will mark the beginning of our adventure. We'll conclude the day with a hike as a warm-up for the expedition.

Days 4-10

7 days of magical expedition revealing the raw and unexplored landscape of Kyrgyzstan in all its facets.

We'll hike for 3 days through the picturesque Tian Shan mountains, reaching heights of up to 4250 meters. Once we cross the mountains, we enter a vast valley where we use packrafts as a means of transportation, covering up to 60 kilometers in 2,5 days. The final part of our journey starts were the horses wait for us. What better way to end the expedition than reaching our destination on horseback? The last night we'll sleep under the mesmerizing stars at the mountain lake Kel Suu.

Day 11

After our last night under the stars, it's time to return to "civilization". We'll hike for 2 hours and then enjoy the view during the road trip to lake Issyk-Kul. The second-largest mountain lake in the world.

Day 12

We spend one last day at lake Issyk-Kul; after all that adventure, we deserve some luxury. We will stay in a comfortable yurt with delicious food and the perfect atmosphere to relax before flying back home.

Day 13

After a good night's rest and a delightful breakfast, we drive back to Bishkek. One last farewell before we grab our midnight flights back to Belgium.

Day 14

Arrival in Belgium.


Why Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has a rich nomadic heritage, and visitors can still experience a traditional way of life.

It is famous for its breathtaking mountain ranges, magical lakes and its wide and open steppe.

Kyrgyz people are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness towards tourists. Visitors often find the locals welcoming and eager to share their culture.

Practical info

Departure: Saturday 17th of August 2024 

Arrival: Saturday 31st of August 2024

Pricing: € 2.500

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