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14 day journey

 3th of September 2024 - 16th of September 2024

Packraft expedition Kyrgyzstan

Get in thouch with the amazing people, culture and landscape of this unique location.

Dropped by 4x4 vehicles

Outdoor living

Ending with luxury & tranquillity

Navigate the river

Living in yurts and tarp

No cell phones


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Activity Level (1-5)

Level 3 (medium)


Landry Appels (NL)
Local guide (ENG)

For who

Everyone who can walk 20 km




Day 1

Flights to Bishkek

Explore the city and sleep comfortably in a good hotel.

Day 2

Today we leave the comfort of the city behind us.

We go with our offroad vehicle and local guide into the mountains. Deep in the mountains we will be dropped off to start our packrafting adventure.

Day 3-6

We hike until we find the river that will help us in covering distance. Once in the packraft, we navigate through the river with a background view of the glorious Tien Shan Mountains. 

Day 7- 12

We take some time to explore the whole country. Explore the mountain lake Kel Suu by horse, hike through the beautiful Skazka Canyon, experience the astonishing night sky at Soň-Köl lake, learn the old hunting ways from eagle hunters, enjoy homemade meals from locals and sleeping in authentic yurts ... .

Day 13

We spend one last day in Bishkek, after exploring to the fullest, we deserve some luxury. We will be staying at a comfortable hotel with swimming pool, sauna, ... Relax before we fly back home.

Day 14

After a good night of well-deserved rest and delicious breackfast we fly back home.


Why Kirgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has a rich nomadic heritage, and visitors can still experience a traditional way of life.

Kyrgyzstan is famous for its breathtaking mountain ranges, magical lakes and its wide and open steppe.

Kyrgyz people are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness towards tourists. Visitors often find the locals welcoming and eager to share their culture.

Practical info


 3th of September 2024 - 16th of September 2024


€ 1975


What's included​

Professional guidance

  • Professional guidance from Belgian guide

  • Professional guidance from local Kyrgyz


  • Briefing & assistance with preparation

The journey

  • Accomodation:

    • All accomodations are inclusive
  • Food and water:

    • All the basic food requirements are included. This means, breackfast, lunch and diner for the whole experience

    • Only water is included. Other beverages are extra.

  • Transport

    • All transportation is included to create a fluent experience as described in the program.

  • Survival sessions and workshops during the experience

  • 5 days of packrafting adventure

  • Idyllic stay in wild nature


  • Survival equipment

  • Safety equipment:

    • Trauma first aid

    • Satellite connection

Not included

  • Flights (€800 from Belgium)

    • We land in Bishkek

  • Travel (annulation) insurance

  • Medical insurance

  • Personal backpack

    • Air Mattress

    • Sleeping bag

    • Light outdoor clothing with long sleeves

  • ​Extra drinks in the hotel

  • Personal first-aid kit

Optional costs

Extra food and drinks outside the team activities in the hotel before and after the expedition.


During the preparation of this expedition, we will go over the equipment that you will need. This is how we make sure you are comfortable during our packraft expedition.

Renting gear

Ask us about renting options:

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sleeping pad

  • Backpack

  • ...


Safety is our number one priority. On this expedition, we work together with our Get Out There guides and local guides. The experts with whom we work together have the necessary experience as mountain-, survival-, outdoor-, and wilderness guide. They are also Wilderness First Responders, in order to keep medical assistance close by.


The local Kyrgyz guide is fluent in English and will be able to teach us about the cultural aspects of the adventure. This way we can share knowledge and experience.



We ask every participant to prove that they have insurance that extends to the full period of the travel experience. In Belgium, we can suggest Allianz or KBF for this.
Get in touch with your insurance to make sure all the activities you will experience are covered. We are happy to help you with finding an insurance with the right coverage.

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