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Packraft Battle

Weekend adventure - Packrafting & hiking the wild

Packrafting Battle

On our packraft adventure weekend, we are not limited to the land, but we will also discover the wonders of the water! We use the river to cover distance and rest our legs.

A beautifull meandering river

Off the beaten path. Navigating with map & compass.

Get to know the wonders of the water world in our packrafts.

Camp in all serenity, enjoy the campfire & each others company.

Camping expedition-wise under a tarp with a bivouac bag. Exciting if it's your first time!


20 - 23 July 2023

24 - 27 Aug 2023


Vouziers, France

Activity Level (1-5)

Level 2 (medium)


Koen De Leeuw


Our partner

For this experience we work together with the The Wildlinger, and their expertise in close to home challenges in nature.

For more information on the weekend you can visit the link below.

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