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 Looking for Marketeer

“ Men/women wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in the event of success. ”

In Short

We’re looking for an entrepreneur to join our team with a focus on marketing. This means standing besides the existing team with equal input on strategy and decisions. It also means that you will create your own position with all the resulting responsibilities. 

 Important characteristics  

Personal connection 

We want to enjoy time together and build trust in each other. 


Whatever comes up, we’ll need to be creative to work with minimal resources. 


Communication is key. Professional but open-minded conversations and brainstorming.


We’re building a scalable company, not a hobby project.

Passion about marketing 

We’re building a brand with experiences, so our success will depend on our presence.


Purely as a reference, you’ll determine what needs to be done, gets priority and is outsourced.  

  • Brand image 

  • Marketing strategy 

  • Content development (text, video, pictures)  

  • Experiments across the sales funnel 

  • Improving conversion rate and SEO 

  • Creating media opportunity



Our dream is to work with passionate people who love what they do. Inspiring to explore active and cultural experiences in nature. But we also embrace the hard and strenuous work that comes with building a brand. Inspiring to explore and get out there is our purpose.


Quality guidance that provides you with the support you need to achieve challenging adventures.

Connecting people with each other, different cultures, and with nature. 

Providing opportunities for local communities worldwide.


We take you on the ultimate escape from the rat-race. An expedition with impact. We inspire you to Get Out There on unique experiences in nature.


Apply with your motivation and CV per e-mail.

Call or text when you have questions.

0032 477 191 755

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