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Navigation Game

 A great outdoor activity that boosts team spirit

Navigating you towards a better team spirit

Work together as a team and find your way back to civilization. A satisfying journey where you will explore nature on foot together with your team.

Nice to know:

The navigation games, originally named Orientation Run was born in Scandinavian countries, where it has become a part of their culture and a true national sport. Navigation games are a great outdoor activity that boosts team spirit.

Navigation game details


Main activities:​

  • Learn to use different navigation methods

  • Solve puzzles along the way

  • Find and use the surprises on your path

  • Make tough decisions

  • Break time in expedition style

Duration possibilities:

  • 4 hours

  • 8 hours

  • Weekend

Group size: 

Maximum 100 people


We offer our navigation game in different forest areas across Belgium.

It is possible to create a tailor made version at a fitted location nearby your offices.

The goal of the navigation game:

The navigation games is an experience that encourages participants to build relationships, make decisions and show leadership skills. Teams equipped with a set of tools (like compasses and maps) have to discover points of reference, find hidden items and successfully navigate towards the end of the game.

The success of the group is based on the ability to collaborate.

Contact us for more info about our
Navigation Game team building experience

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